Opening Hours

Our opening hours are 12 noon to Late, every day.

Beer and Cider

This Months Guest Beers

Yeovil, Ruby 4.5%

RCH EstStreet Cream 5%

Ramsbury, Gold 4.5%

also look out for Wessex, Plain and Downton!

Always on - Keystone 

Bedrock 3.6% 

Gordon Benett 4.2%

Gold Hill 4%

and Cider -

Thatchers, Gold 4.9%

Orchard Pig, Reveller 4.8%

Orhcard Pig, Still 6%

Bottles Orchard Pig, Truffler 4%

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The Bar


Speciallly brewed 'Gordon Benett' best bitter is on all the time, along with other featured Keystone beers ususally Bedrock 3.6% and Gold Hill 4% as well a guest from a regional brewery such as Abbey Ales, Wessex Brewery, Box Steam, Bath Ales, Plain Ales, RCH and many more.
A selection of ever changing  'Guest Beers' :
clip cheerup

Keystone Cheer Up

Award Winning Cheer Up (the days are getting longer) (4.6% abv) Winter/Spring
Tawny in colour, malty to start with bitterness and hops coming through in the finish.  Lovely Fuggles in the cask!

golden-bolt-guest-beer Box Steam Golden Bolt

A light, straw-coloured with a happy aftertaste.
Many legends have sprung up about the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. One of the most alluring is that of a solid gold rivet bolt used in the wrought iron structure of the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash.


Ramsbury Brewery IPA 5.5%




Abbey Ale's - Maximus

A one-off brew to celebrate 10 years of Bath's Abbey Ales brewery has proved so popular that it is to be available again in April.

Maximus, a 5% abv malty ale, was launched at the Campaign for Real Ale's (Camra) Bath Beer Festival.

goldOther beers to be featured are:

Milk Street BEER 5%

RCH Steam Harvest 4.8%

Town Mill Pilson Pen 4.5

And Many more fine beers from around the region

We will have all the other expected lagers and optics including some lovely reasonably priced wine chosen by our bar manager, Jenny.