Opening Hours

Our opening hours are 12 noon to Late, every day.

Beer and Cider

This Months Guest Beers

Yeovil, Ruby 4.5%

RCH EstStreet Cream 5%

Ramsbury, Gold 4.5%

also look out for Wessex, Plain and Downton!

Always on - Keystone 

Bedrock 3.6% 

Gordon Benett 4.2%

Gold Hill 4%

and Cider -

Thatchers, Gold 4.9%

Orchard Pig, Reveller 4.8%

Orhcard Pig, Still 6%

Bottles Orchard Pig, Truffler 4%

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Carry Out

keystone-220v2At the Benett we understand you are busy people.

Feel free to ask for take out beer, cider, coffee, paninis or even curry.

Beer and cider is avaialble handy 4 and 8 pint containers.

Larger quantities are also avaialble but give us 24 hrs notice.

10L (18 Pint) Polipin - £32.90

20L (32 Pint) Polipin - £62.28

Bottles Case of 12 Bottles (Ramsbury Brewery beer) £24.50 per case

Beer is available either sedemented or bright (Bright means that you can move it about and not have to wait for it to settle before drinking it). We would also like 24hrs notice before it is required.

Keystone Glasses are also available upon request.